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Crazy for Cowboy

More than 250 reviews on Amazon!

Five Stars – Amazing!!!!!

I love this book!!!! I can’t stop reading it!!!! It’s probably the BEST book I ever read!!!!! Roxy this book rocks!!! Amazon Reviewer: Christine Martin

She’s through with cowboys. But this one’s the ‘reel’ deal.

Equine veterinarian, Emily Grant, has had her share of cowboys, and they always break her heart. After she vows to give them up forever, Brandon Hollister strides into her life.

He’s a different kind of cowboy, one that works on the silver screen. But is he just playing the part when it comes to love? Or can this gorgeous hunk get past a case of mistaken identity, and escape from the “Houston” character he’s portraying, to become the man to win Emily’s heart.

A sweeter romantic comedy.

What readers are saying:

“This is a great story. It had me laughing out loud many times. Brandon is a hunk and such a sweet guy. I love how Roxy didn’t drag out his little white lie for too long. This is a sweet, nice read. Well done, Roxy!! I recommend it to everyone!” Amazon Reviewer

“Crazy for Cowboy had me up turning pages and doing my best to stifle giggles in the wee hours. Brandon Hollister is a yummy hero who tells, what he believes, is a harmless white lie and gets him into trouble on multiple levels by misleading the heroine, Emily, about his real identity. She thinks he’s a real cowboy – something she’s sworn an oath to avoid at all costs – until she meets Brandon. Watching the antics and sparks fly between these two multi-faceted characters was a complete riot! I couldn’t help pulling for Brandon in spite of his digging himself in deeper at every turn. And Emily’s attempts to talk herself out of her magnetic attraction to him had me laughing out loud in several places. Roxy Boroughs writes with a singular wit and charm. I can’t wait to read more!” Amazon Reviewer