Roxy Boroughs

My first love was the theater. And my greatest professional thrill was acting on the same stage as Sarah Bernhardt—though not in the same century.

I’ve had small parts in a few movies and TV shows, including the hit programs HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS and DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH.

Writing is rather similar to acting, I believe. Except I get to play ALL the characters…while wearing my PJs and sipping tea.

What could be better?

I’ve had a variety of jobs over the years—radio announcer, historical interpreter, and drama instructor. I’ve even managed a retail store. And, like many performers, I’ve been a waitress—possibly the world’s worst—mixing up orders, and dumping food and coffee into the laps of unsuspecting customers.

Salmon Stacks - 3

I’m married to my first love—a wonderful guy. So I don’t just write romance, I live it!

We like to hike in the mountains, listen to music and read books of all genres.

I enjoy cross-stitching and whipping up new dishes in the kitchen—generally served with a glass of wine.


Check out one of the scenes from that DEGRASSI episode I mentioned. And please forgive my 1980s perm.