Roxy BoroughsWelcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Make yourself comfortable, while I put on the kettle for our tea.

Do you like to read? Me, too. I like all kinds of books—heartwarming ones that make me smile, suspenseful ones that keep me up all night, and everything in between.

Guess that’s why I write in different genres.

When I started grouping my books, I recognized two main categories—light and dark or, as I like to put it, nice and spice.

If you’re looking for a nice, sweet romance, all my nice stories have a heart on the cover, so you can’t go wrong.

If you like darker, spicier stories—ones filled with suspense and the paranormal—you’ll find those books have darker, more mysterious covers to match.

So have a look around. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. Or drop me a line.

Oh, there goes the kettle for tea. Or would you prefer some wine, instead? Nice…or spice?

Both work for me.