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Wolfen Time

All that separates them…is a century or two.

Werewolf Rafe Garrett is second-in-command of a twenty-third century special ops team, sent back to present day Seattle to stop a group of renegade vampires from destroying the U.S. and causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. He has a personal vendetta, too. The renegades’ leader is the same bloodsucker who murdered Rafe’s pregnant wife.

Few humans can stake a vampire on their first try, but Stacy Cadell is that kind of gal—a ball of fire in a cool, petite package. Caught in the battle between vampires and werewolves, Stacy hides her true identity from both sides, fearing it could be used against her. But protecting her heart from the werewolf warrior with the killer good looks, is a fight she’s sure to lose.

Especially when she learns that, for history to correct itself, she must sacrifice the one person she holds most dear.

Contains: Hunky, alpha werewolves running around naked, sensual love scenes and mature language. If you read sweet romance, try CRAZY FOR COWBOY, or one of the novels in the ‘Frost Family & Friends’ series.

What readers are saying:

Wolfen Time by Roxy Boroughs is a job well-done! First time reading this author and I am impressed. Ms. Boroughs did exceedingly well weaving together all the elements of her story. With time travel, vamps, and weres there is much to offer readers and you won’t be disappointed. The writing is amazing and the likeable characters draw you into this wonderfully crafted world. Definitely a must-read. I have a new go-to author right here!” Amazon Reviewer

“I must admit I was surprised by this book…Meshing time travel, weres, and vampires would be uber tricky for an author to pull off; yet this was done fantastically well. I was sucked into the story from the start and my interest never waned. Honestly, I wanted it to keep going and felt rather sad to see Rafe and Stacy’s story end. I am hopeful this story will continue and perhaps give us another glimpse of those two. … The villains in this story were positively wonderfully evil, and somewhat mad but it worked well. There isn’t a lot of sex, and not too explicit but what’s there is super hot and you still feel the attraction between our leads and it all works to fully engross you in these characters’ stories.” Amazon Reviewer