The Sprite Before Christmas

Series or Collection: Holiday Romance


Can mistletoe magic and fairy dust rekindle a lost love?

It’s Christmas Eve, and soon-to-be-divorced Faith Bridges is brooding over this latest failure in her life.

Enter Holly Tinselberry, a wisecracking Christmas sprite, who takes Faith on a magical journey to discover the true meaning of love and family.

But only if Faith has the courage to act before it’s too late.

Author Endorsements:

“Roxy Boroughs has done it again, cleverly dreaming up a romantic version of my favorite classic, A Christmas Carol. Readers will revel in this sweet, sassy tale of Faith’s second chance at finding true love.”

Elinor Florence, author of bestseller Bird’s Eye View

“A perfect tale for anyone who loves romantic gestures, unexpected twists of fates, true love, a touch of humor, and all the magic of Christmas.”

Lecia Cornwall, author of The Woman at the Front

“Faith Bridges’ life takes an unexpected turn when Holly, the Christmas Sprite, visits her on Christmas Eve. Holly’s got game, an attitude, and a job to do that requires a special kind of holiday magic. This charming Christmas story will warm your heart and restore your faith in the power of love and forgiveness.”

JP McLean, author of the Gift Legacy