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Stories of Chance Romance

Three women—desperate to do something about breast cancer. One suffered loss, one survived, and one endures. Together, they are trying to beat breast cancer—one book at a time!

All authors’ profits from the sale of STORIES OF CHANCE ROMANCE are donated to advance the treatment of breast cancer.

Here’s to finding love in any place, at any time. This collection of short stories of chance romance reflect the hope that comes with the first bloom of romance, whether you find it in your youth, midlife, or the twilight years.

Like so many woman, the authors have been closely and personally touched by this disease. Roxy was diagnosed and successfully treated in 2010, and Brenda lost her very dear friend, Mary Beggan, to breast cancer. Vickie continues her journey as we release this second edition.

This book, Stories of Chance Romance, is dedicated to all the women who face breast cancer and to the teams of family, friends and medical professionals who support them on their journey.

What readers are saying:

“This book was exactly what I expected–sweet stories of finding love at any time and in any place–all about chance. Eleven short and sweet romantic chance encounters that leaves a reader wanting to know, “What if”? What if they did meet this way? What if they found a way to make those few moments turn into a lifetime? The possibilities are endless. The authors did a lovely job of giving the reader just enough to satisfy and leave us wanting more.” Amazon Reviewer

“These wondrous short stories of romance sparking up everywhere will truly delight the romantic at heart. I have a few absolute favorites that I wish were made into full length books! A true pick-me-up in short form. Also, our delightful authors are donating all proceeds to the cure for breast cancer. All three have an inside look into the devastating disease in some shape or form. How generous are these women! Definitely a 5-Star read.” Amazon Reviewer