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A Stranger's Kiss cover

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A Stranger’s Kiss

Psychic Heat, Book 2

The highly anticipated stand-alone sequel to “A Stranger’s Touch”, winner of the Writer’s Voice Award.

Sam Hutchinson, a successful lawyer, is devastated by the murder of his son. Hoping to gain closure by learning more about the suspected killer, Sam traces the murderer’s roots to a small town in Montana.

There, against a serene mountain backdrop, he finds Amy Tesher. Despite Sam’s attraction to her, he soon learns that lies are Amy’s camouflage, all fabricated to escape the secrets of her dark past. And to protect her eleven-year-old daughter, Renee, who is able to communicate with Sam’s ghostly son.

Unaware of Sam’s real mission, Amy takes him into the boarding house she’s inherited from her grandmother. Just as the serial killer, James Ryan Morley, returns to claim Amy … and her daughter.

Romantic Suspense novella. Adult language and themes, some violence, sexual situations.


“Roxy Boroughs has it all – humor, suspense, and the kind of raw emotion that makes romantic suspense worth reading. This genre has a bright new star.”
– Lecia Cornwall author of “Secrets of A Proper Countess”, an RT Reviewers Choice nominee.

“Packed with romance, suspense and a happily-ever-after guaranteed to leave you laughing and crying, A Stranger’s Kiss had me riveted from the opening page!”
– Julie Rowe author of “IceBound”.

What readers are saying:

“A must read! It grabbed me from the beginning and just held on. This is a beautiful romantic suspense with a dash of paranormal. The characters are wonderful and captivating. It kept me on the edge of my toes both with the secrets and growing relationships between Sam and Amy and also Amy’s daughter Renee and Tommy’s showing up. I read A Stranger’s Touch first which explains about Sam’s son Tommy and is an equally amazing book. They are both tied together but are written so well and have such great story lines that they don’t have to be read in order, but made this book so much better after having read the prequel first. I can’t wait for her next book.”  Amazon Reviewer

“The second I finished reading, “A Stranger’s Touch,” I purchased this one (literally – the second after I read the last word lol). I, again, was not disappointed! Boroughs has a way of making her characters seem like people you know in real life – very personable, and REAL characters! HOOKED describes what I was from the get-go. There is nothing better than a book opening with someone talking to a ghost! It always makes you wonder why the ghost hasn’t crossed over and what he/she needs to accomplish before he/she can. I really like Sam’s character. In the beginning, you wonder if he’s a good guy or not. It almost seems like he may be a bad guy disguised as good but as the story unravels, you feel so deeply for all that Sam has gone through and understand why he comes across cold at first. The relationship between Amy and Renee is just phenomenal!! I love how they joke and tease one another. It is obvious that they have a truly great mother-daughter bond. One last word about the characters, I love how Boroughs makes Amy out to be a mystery. It’s not everyday you read a book in which your main character has so many secrets that you’re not privy too.” Amazon Reviewer